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Variable Frequency Inverter

Tideway Technology Wuxi Co Ltd has come up with variable frequency inverter that can be used in many applications. The company has years of experience in manufacturing new-age equipment that provide accuracy and functionality. Industrial customers can rely on the industrial variable frequency inverter for its reliability, flexibility, advanced features and performance. Based on an advanced control algorithm, it can control speed of different types of motors. The structure of variable frequency inverter is compact and air duct provides protection under all working environments. It is protected against overheat, overload and fuse. Interested customers can contact us for buying variable frequency inverter, available in different models and capacities.
4KW/ 5.5KW Variable Frequency Inverter
4KW/ 5.5KW Variable Frequency Inverter
T5000-4T4GB(4); T5000-4T5.5GB(4)
T5000 Series High Performance Vector AC Drives/VFD From 0.75KW To 132KW